If you’re looking to learn how to design impressive icons, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover what designers can expect from icons in the next 5 years and how you can be at the forefront of this trend. We cover everything from trends, current trends & designs to our predictions for future trends in icon design and implementation. Enjoy!

The trend for 2022 is Material Design

Material design is a popular style of UI design. In Material, elements are layered on top of each other, often with shadows and gradients. Along with the latest trends like flat design and pop art, it's likely that Material will be a trend for many years to come. So how can you design an impressive icon? Start by understanding the basics of Material design, then try out some new techniques.

Google is still pushing for simplicity

Despite the fact that the world has been overrun with digital interfaces and design, Google still pushes for simplicity. The company's Material Design guidelines call for deliberately sparse interface designs without skeuomorphic embellishments like buttons with fake-looking raised surfaces, fake leather on toolbars or shadows underneath text labels (in other words: no shiny 3D).  so that they are recognizable as belonging to a certain family of apps. Text will also be reduced as much as possible, down to a minimum of three different fonts across the whole system.

Icons will be more realistic

Icons are the face of your brand, so they should be designed with care. The visual world is moving towards realism, and it's likely that icons will follow suit. With more realistic icons, you'll need less detail and there will be less of a chance for them to look pixelated. This means you can go back to using flat colors without risking creating an icon that looks outdated. But while realism may be the future of design, it won't entirely replace other styles like geometric shapes or abstract images.

Users will be looking for more personalization

In the future, there will be more variety of icons with a focus on personalization. In other words, you'll be able to customize your icons based on what you want them to represent. That way, they can stay relevant and not become outdated. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you may have an icon that is a cup of coffee with steam coming out of it. This icon would represent the concept of coffee as well as your company's identity.

Icons will be more detailed

As the years go by, we can expect more detailed icons. Technology is always evolving and as it evolves, the icons will become even more detailed and refined. The design of icons in 2020 was much different than what people will see in 2022 because technology has improved so much. In 2020, there were simple shapes that made up an icon and it didn't have a lot of detail. In 2022, you can expect icons to be much more detailed with finer lines and shading.

Final Note

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